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Marriage Oasis Series (MP3 Download)
By Craig and Colette Toach
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The Marriage Oasis

Passion! Romance! Intimacy! The apostles share their secrets...

With a mandate to strengthen marriages for the Lord, what you receive from Apostles Craig and Colette is more than principles. This series has an anointing to break the yoke that has blocked your marriage from being all that it can be.

The apostles team up to pour out their hearts on the secrets to a passionate marriage. You will find that their authority on this subject does not hinge on the fact that they always got it right, but rather that they pushed through the wrong, until they got it right.

You will find their honesty refreshing, humorous, and full of hope. Coupled with their own experience and backed up by the Word of God, the apostles expand on common problems such as lust, temptation, trust, and real intimacy.

Here are just a few points that are covered in this series:

1. How to build your own "island" - a way of escape
2. What the Word says about oral sex, masturbation, and intimacy
3. Why being honest in the bedroom is important
4. How to build intimacy in the craziness of life!

It does not matter in what state your marriage is in right now... YOU have the potential for passion, romance and intimacy!

Messages Titles

1. The Marriage Island - Find your hiding place and get naked!

2. The Marriage Bed - Smash the walls and have real intimacy!


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Date Added : 2014-05-03

Title : Solid marriage starts here

Name : Kelly Dusek

Location : Rush City, USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

Early in my marriage we had date night. This was a place to talk about our dreams and passions. We set aside Tuesday night for ourselves. It didn\'t take long for our family and friends to catch on that we were busy on Tuesday night. Time passed, life happened, children entered the scene and date night slipped away. This message brought me back to the realization of just how important this subject is to a healthy marriage and ministry. Apostle Colette Drives this same thought home with the Oasis Discovered. The Only way to move forward in ministry as a couple is to build an Island together. You need that place where you can be real with your spouse. This message will challenge and encourage you. Actually you will be bumping your spouse and giving a look like how does she know this about us.

Date Added : 2014-05-02

Title : Thank God for Midwives

Name : Ebony Jackson

Location : Detroit

Rating : 5

Review Text :

Midwives are very important, they are so important that Pharoah met with them in the book of Exodus when he was plotting to kill the sons of the Hebrew women. This is what AMI has been to my life. Helping me to birth what God had already put on the inside.. AMI helped to introduce me into the next level of my life. The trainings are so important and needed in this Season in the church.

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