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Christian Business Dynamics (MP3 Download)
By Craig and Colette Toach
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Christian Business Dynamics

It is time the Church gets fed up with the way things are!

For far too long now, the World has been steadily creeping into the Church. No matter where you look it seems like you can see evidence of the spirit of the world in every area. But perhaps nowhere is this more truth than in how we as believers deal with some of the most personal issues: Money.

It's funny. Whenever a believer wants to learn more about how to hear the voice of God, or how to flow in a certain ministry gift, they immediately go to the Church. But where do they go when they want to learn how to start a business, handle their money, and more importantly, how to flow in the anointing to create wealth?

For most people, their first choice is to go to the World, because who in the Church is showing them how to succeed God's way in the business realm?

It is quite simply high time that God's people learn how to walk in balance. When the Lord brought the Children of Israel to the Promised Land, it wasn't only a good land; it was a land right smack in the middle of the main trade routes of the ancient world. Not only were the Israelites able to prosper through trading, but God's message was able to go forth unto the ends of the earth.

It's time that God's people walk the roads of business and ministry properly and claim our Promised Land that God has for us. In this groundbreaking series, Apostles Craig and Colette Toach will show you how to develop both your ministry calling and your business calling.

They will show you what the anointing to create wealth looks like, and how you can receive it, and begin to walk in it yourself!

If you are someone with a fire to reach God's people, but just aren't sure how to support yourself in ministry God's way, then this series is for you.

If you have a secular career and feel that it is where God has planted you, but want to know how to develop your ministry, then this series is for you.

The bottom line is that no matter what your calling, you need to understand the dynamics between business and ministry. For when you do, you will always succeed in whatever you do!



Messages in this Series


  1. Introducing Business and Ministry
  2. Developing Your Spiritual Call
  3. Developing Your Business Call
  4. The Blessing of Abraham
  5. Tapping Into the Business Anointing
  6. The Midas Touch
  7. The Hindrance to Prosperity
  8. Fulfilling the Work of the Ministry
  9. Business Functions Ministry


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