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Standing in the Eye of the Storm (MP3 Download)
By Colette Toach
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Standing in the Eye of the Storm (MP3 Download)

His glory is in The Eye of the Storm!

So you answered the call and said, "Yes Lord. Use me!"

By doing so, you also signed at the dotted line and got on a ride where there is simply no turning back!

Hes going to raise you up and youre going to become His kind of leader, but the question is: Are you embracing the pressures that have come to make you into His image or are you kicking and screaming all the way there?

Because it is only in the Eye of The Storm that you will come to know His power and glory and when He will use you mightily.

In this message preached by Apostle Colette Toach, you will come to know that your call is in HIS hands. When you said, Yes, Lord! you put Him in the helm and from there on out, He will continue to transform you into that vessel.

You will learn that:

  • It is not about your ability to change yourself, but HIS ability to change you
  • Being used by Him is not based on your righteousness
  • Knowing all the right principles is not enough
  • The anointing alone is not enough
  • Only in the eye of the storm will you get the full revelation of who you are and what Hes called you to do

The Lord has given you a call and He is faithful to complete the work that Hes begun, so why not embrace the storms that will MAKE you into a glorious vessel. Find out how in this prophetic message for anybody who has ever uttered these three deadly words: "Use me, Lord!"


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Date Added : 2011-07-21


Name : Maureen d'Entremont

Location : Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Rating : 4

Review Text :

The effect this teaching had on my life and how this teaching helped me in my circumstance is:

When I am in An EYE Of My own storm, to let Jesus Be Jesus, He IS in control of Everything , even though it doesn't seen like he is controlling EVERYTHING. This teaching taught me that it's NOT all about ME it's all about Jesus, it taught me to Really Focus Just ON Jesus And HIM ALONE in The Eye Of Any Storm, and that He allows these Storms for a reason , to lean on Him, to make us realize that He Is in Control of Every situation. To make us realize That Jesus Is All that we really need.

Date Added : 2011-07-20

Title : Loved It

Name : James

Location : Kokomo USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This will help you get your eyes off your storm and onto Jesus. Once we understand the storms don't come to destroy but to merely blow us into His perfect will it helps to take the fear out.

Date Added : 2011-07-12

Title : Another semi-weakness

Name : Ricardo

Location : Orlando, FL

Rating : 5

Review Text :

Sometime I'm good and other times I am not so good at this. I think I told another apostle in my inner circle that, "The Lord never gives me time to celebrate overcoming a weakness, because a fall is right around the corner. He wants me to not only overcome it but to master it." Usually at the first sign of victory I start rejoicing. But in the trenches or in the Eye of the Storm, for me, there is no time to rejoice. I got to keep moving forward for God's people to reach there's destination. Awesome message.

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