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Prophetic Maturity (MP3 Download)
By Colette Toach
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Prophetic Maturity (MP3 Download)

Prophetic Maturity

It is time for you to rise up!

What makes a prophet mature? What kind of prophet can bring real change to the universal church and touch lives at a deeper level? Is it the one who can give prophecies that are "spot on"? Is it the one who is like Samuel whose words never touched the ground? Perhaps it's the one who can flow in ALL of the gifts of the Spirit?

If that is what you think prophetic maturity means, then I've got news for you: It is time to rise up!

In this teaching Apostle Colette, does what she does best... convicts, challenges, and encourages you to take hold of everything that the Lord has for you.

As a top trainer, she breaks down the practicalities of Prophetic Maturing and imparts to you the living knowledge that will set you apart as His mighty warrior. Take hold of this NOW message and take your place in the Body of Christ!


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Date Added : 2011-07-21

Title : My Review Of " PROPHETIC MATURITY "

Name : Maureen d'Entremont

Location : Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Rating : 4

Review Text :

The effect this teaching had on my life and how this teaching helped me in my circumstances is :

I found that it taught me to take basically A LEAP of Faith with where I am at now in my walk with Jesus. This teaching taught me NOT to be afraid to do what is Uncomfortable at the time, and let God lead me. The only way to mature Prophetically Is to Step OUT IN FAITH and If you make a mistake , Don't let your mistakes get you down , because everyone makes a mistake when stepping out for the Lord. The Lord WANTS Us to Risk It In front of People When we go to Preach or To Teach, even if we are afraid of making a Big mistake , Thats how we learn through taking that Giant Step.

Date Added : 2011-07-12

Title : Always A Struggle Until Today

Name : Ricardo

Location : Orlando, FL

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I have always struggled with my prophetic ministry, because when it first manifested about 5 years ago, I had no one around who could explain it. I did not understand what the Lord was doing in me. At the time, I was still operating in the evangelist office, the teaching ministry, and the pastoral office. It wasn't until way after I stepped into the apostolic office that I knew what was going on. I had no senior prophets around. So I used this ministry gift according what I already knew (which wasn't much). I just imitated the prophets of the old covenant. And that got me ejected out of churches and from among Christians all over Orlando, FL. Were my prophecies wrong? No! I just did not how to do it correctly and for the edification of others. The love and maturity was not there. Out of all the Five Fold Ministry the prophetic ministry I had the hardest time with. I was an enemy to the church. It was hard to function as a prophet and a pastor at the same time, because one side was love, the other side was truth and holiness. It was hard! Until I learned through this message and others like it from AMI how to do it properly. Then God Himself opened new ways for me to understand this ministry and office that I didn't get from AMI. So I started maturing and functioning much better than before. And now I was getting fresh revelation and new insights, plus using them to build the body properly. I Thank God for this message (and others like it). Because I rejected my prophetic ministry even all the way through apostolic preparation, and training. Even today, though I operated in all five ministries, I concentrated more on strengthening this ministry to most because now I am maturing and it's actually fun!

Date Added : 2011-07-12

Title : Learned alot

Name : Sharon Rodgers

Location : Lewisville, TX

Rating : 4

Review Text :

Things that I was unclear on She address very clearly and things that I had question on she just knew what I was looking for. I love it when God comfirm jsut what you need. THank you so much once was lost but now I see clearly

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