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Resurrection of a Vision (MP3 Download)
By Colette Toach
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Resurrection of a Vision (MP3 Download)

Resurrection of a Vision

God has something bigger and better for you!

If you have ever run full steam ahead towards a God-given vision just to fall flat on your face, then you need to listen to this message. You know you heard from the Lord, you have the conviction that it was HIS will and not yours, but then why is it that it has not manifested: even worst, you have failed miserably in reaching that vision.

If you have had this experience and ran into those walls yourself, then you know how much it hurts. But what you don't know is how necessary it is and how the Lord is going to use it to make you into the vessel that you need to BE to complete that vision.

Listen in as Apostle Colette Toach explains why you have to go through this death, but most importantly how the Lord is going to resurrect that vision and what it is going to look like when He does.

You will learn:

  • God is NOT withholding anything from you
  • He wants to give you MORE than what you desire
  • You must experience death before walking in resurrection glory
  • You cannot bring your vision to death or resurrection
  • How to recognize the signs of the resurrection of a vision
  • That the resurrection is always greater than the vision that you died to

The Lord wants you to walk in victory and resurrection glory. He wants to take you higher than what your little mind could conceive anyway, so stop pouting and watch Him do it.

Download this message now so you can go through this process with less pain and much anticipation!


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Date Added : 2011-07-16

Title : My Review of " Ressurection Of A Vision "

Name : Maureen d'Entremont

Location : Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Rating : 4

Review Text :

The effect the Teaching " RESSURECTION OF A VISION ", had on my life and how it helped my circumstances are:

The Teaching gave me hope and encouragement to keep pushing on and purservering in my own Road with Faith and Seed Watering and Waiting for the Seed to Sprout Forth and that planted seeds don't spring overnight, for the situations and circumstances that I deal with in my own Journey With My own Personal Relationship with the Lord.

Date Added : 2011-07-12

Title : A Message that never get's old!

Name : Ricardo

Location : Orlando, FL

Rating : 5

Review Text :

No matter how much I know and understand this truth, I seem to learn that I don't know much nor understand this truth. lol! Death and Resurrection of a vision is a normal thing for me. It's inescapable. The phrase, "I die daily!" Is like breathing air and a heart beat for me. It's normal. I seem to always forget the resurrection part though. Because the vision dies so much that when God presents it, I can't even tell what He's talking about and I always miss out on opportunities. I need to pay more attention on when I am dying and when the resurrection is coming. I need to listen to this message at least once a month.

Date Added : 2011-07-12

Title : Fantastic

Name : James

Location : Kokomo USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I really enjoyed this teaching. This was a right now Word of the Lord for me. I've been through so many circumstances that have gone awry. This will explain why a true vision of the Lord must first die before we can obtain His good promises.

Date Added : 2011-07-12

Title : Started off slow

Name : Sharon Rodgers

Location : Lewisville, TX

Rating : 4

Review Text :

It took a minute for me to understand just where she was going but once I listen and clear the room I had a better understanding and saw things different and more clearly if that makes any sence.

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