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The Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry in the Church - (MP3 Downloads)
By Colette Toach
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Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry In the Church (MP3 Downloads)

There is no doubt about it. The Fivefold Ministry is on the rise!

Let's Get Practical

Ready to start a ministry based on the Foundation of the Fivefold Ministry? If this burns in your heart, then Apostle Colette has just what you need.

With step by step instructions, you will learn:

  • How to start your ministry.
  • How to identify each of the Fivefold Ministry
  • How to put each of the Fivefold Ministry into place.
  • How to work as a Fivefold Ministry Team.
  • The importance of elders and overseers.
  • How to get the prophets mobilized on the prayer wall.
  • How to lay an apostolic foundation.

Preached at a live seminar at the AMI Center in San Diego, this MP3 set contains:

1. The Structure of the Local v.s Universal Church

The church functions at two levels. Find out all you need to about starting a home church and a ministry center.

2. Pattern for the Evangelist in the Church

SURPRISE! The Evangelist is called to more than just reaching the lost! See how you can identify the evangelists and get them motivated to get your ministry on FIRE!

3. Pattern for the Pastor in the Church

The Pastoral function is two-fold. One is a ministry given by the Lord, the second in an administrative function given by man.

4. The Pattern for the Teacher in the Church

Discover that a teacher is not "a teacher." Learn to embrace the prophetic, apostolic and pastor-teacher as each finds their place in the church.

5. The Pattern for the Prophet and Apostle in the Church

Looking at the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, learn what is involved in setting up a prayer wall, setting the prophets in place, as well as establishing the pattern as an Apostle.

A full summary of the function of each of the Fivefold and their place in both the local church and ministry center. Bringing this series to a climax, Apostle Colette brings the picture together beautifully as each ministry fits into place. You will never wonder again what each of the Fivefold Ministry is called to do. Begin establishing the Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry in the Church now!


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