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How To Start a Home Church (Book)
By Colette Toach
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How to Start a Home Church

Is Your Church Going Through Change?

The Lord has been moving in His Body for some time and may larger churches have started realizing the power of the home church.

Here Is The Mistake Though

The most common mistake that most folks make though is that thinking a home church is just the same as having a regular public meeting - but in the home.


That is not what a homechurch is at all. If you take a look at the Early Church, you get a very good picture of what it is about. It is fellowship where the Lord is the center.

Here are some of the things that should be happening in a homechurch

Unbelievers can easily be invited and even participate, opening them wide to the gospel.

A place where every single person's needs are met

Where love is the foundation of what you do and what you believe.

Where you are seeing signs and wonders on a regular basis.

A family that loves one another.

A place where you belong

With a foundation like this, the same will be said of your church as it was said of the Early Church, "And the Lord added to the church daily!"

When you have the correct pattern, the sky is the limit. So why not step out and start something fresh and exciting?

Start your ministry on the right foundation and start it this week! It is that simple. Together, we will take this land for the Lord and raise up a church that is full of life, power and love!



Chapter 1: How to Birth a Homechurch

What a Homechurch leader looks like
Being an Image
The Price to Pay

Chapter 2: What Does a Homechurch Look Like?

Homechurch does NOT = Bootcamp
Who to Begin With

Chapter 3: Your First Meeting

Step 1: Plan
Step 2: Begin with a meal
Step 3: Ask the Following Questions
Step 4: Steer the Conversation
Step 5: A Bible Study
Step 6: Final Step - Conversational Prayer

Chapter 4: The Act of Ministry

Learning to be a Body
Chapter 5: Conversational Prayer

Getting everyone involved
What to Teach
How to Illustrate

Chapter 6: Tithing and the Blessing Box

The Tithing view
What the Word Says

Chapter 7: Church Growth and the Love Feast Project

Getting people to join your ministry
The Love Feast Project

Chapter 8: Taking Initiative

Chapter 9: Project - Fun Week

Making Ministry Magnificent

Chapter 10 Let's Wrap it Up

Homechurch Should Be Your Family
Everyone Should Participate
Be Creative!
Jesus is the Author and Finisher


Customer Reviews of this Product

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Date Added : 2011-01-14

Title : Pretty Good Book

Name : Kevin

Location : Nashville Tenn

Rating : 3

Review Text :

This is a good book. I liked how simple and detailed the book was. It was also very encouraging. What I didn't like about the book was the length and the price. This book cost a lot after shipping and handeling. Colette would suggest other teachings and other books on certian subjects and I thought a part of those teachings should have been included in this book since the book was so short. I also would have liked to seen more on conducting different types of home meetings. This book seems focused on bible study, creating a family, prayer and getting people to take part in the group. That is a lot but I would have liked to see how to conduct a home meeting focused on the streets, how to have a home meeting focused on prayer, how to have a revival home meeting, how to have a drunken glory home meeting, etc... Maybe I was expecting too much. But then again this is not something that is burning in my heart. (Not to run a home group anyway) It is just that God has conecting me with a lot of these types of leaders that He is rising up and I know He is up to something, and that I am going prophetically play a part. It is interesting though that He is connecting me with other leaders that He is rising up in this hour and they are different breed than the home group leaders. They are more art focused. Anyway, He is up to something. It is a good book and I great read. I recomend it on that level, but I just expected more. Be blessed, Kevin

Date Added : 2010-11-12

Title : Unbelievably simple and exciting!

Name : Denise

Location : San Diego, CA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

If you have a fire burning in your heart to see God's people fed and ministered to the way the Lord has intended it to be, then you will fall in love with this book from page one.

Apostle Colette breaks it down for you so simply and you will see that you do not need years of bible school training or need to be very educated to start blessing people. You don't even need a fancy building! You can just invite people right into your home.

You will really be amazed at how simple it is to start bringing change into the church and to most importantly see the Lord's love shining through in each one!

So if you are even just a tad curious to find out what is involved get this book. If you always wanted to do something like this but felt too little or stupid for it, here is your answer! You can do it. Grab the book and start transforming not only the lives of those around you, but your own as well.

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