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Apostolic Foundation (Book)
By Les D. Crause
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Type: Book - Large Format (337 pages)
ISBN: n/a
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Date Added : 2013-01-29


Name : Martie

Location : Jacksonville, FL USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This book is a book for all who think they are called to be Apostles! Even for some who have been told they are Apostles.
As the Lord began to give me a true conviction of "coming up higher" in Him, I had no idea of what that meant or how to do it. You see, I had just been released into prophetic office and I thought that I had come to the place where I could continue in ministry with more authority and more power in the Lord. But, God needed more from me and as I received a clear conviction that I had been called into the Apostolic, I ordered this book and began to read it because of its title "Apostolic Foundation".
What I thought I knew about what is required of and what an Apostle of God is, was not even close to the truth. I was going by what I had seen and heard and not from the heart of God. This book opened me to a real understanding and even to seeing what a true Apostle is. It helped me to see the road to travel as if on a journey and it also helped me to see what I could not take on this journey. I had to lay everything down: what I thought I knew, what I had done in ministry, what I was doing in ministry, etc. I came to the foot of the mountain to climb up to meet with the Lord with nothing and no one could go with me. I came to know and understand right from the beginning that its not about DOING, but about BEING.
This book is a must have for every one who thinks they already are or are called to be an Apostle. You will not be disappointed if you dare to know. It will challenge you, but most of all it will CHANGE you. It will help you to know and deal with false teachings and hindering mindsets and your way of thinking about God, His Ministry and His People. Of a truth, ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!

Date Added : 2011-06-06

Title : totally awesome

Name : Mary Jean

Location : Pensacola USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This book has so much and can't wait to get it and begin. At times its been like this has happened to me. Being a former pastors wife i knew God has called me to a work even more than what i have done , my late husband was so good in his teachings and now i feel i have found more teaching and growing power through this book. Can't hardly wait to get started.

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