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Prophetic Essentials (Book)
By Colette Toach
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Type: Paperback Book - 338 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-62664-073-3
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Prophetic Essentials

Finding the Way to Prophetic Office!

In this book, you will find out that the call of the prophet goes far deeper than the functions and duties that the prophet fulfills. Anyone flowing in prophetic ministry can carry out tasks similar to the prophet.

However, what is it about the prophet that stands in office that is so different? Why is it that you must go through such an intensive training and many years of preparation for the journey that the Lord has ahead?

What you will soon find out and experience for yourself, just to name a few things, is:

  • You will enter into a face-to-face relationship with Jesus
  • You will become a different person
  • You will walk in a higher level of authority
  • You will be accountable for the condition of the Church
  • You will stand on the wall and protect the work of God
  • You will undergo surgery to make sure that what you speak, is what God speaks

If it burns in you to pay any price that is necessary and to stand up and break down the barriers between the Lord Jesus and His Bride, then my friend, you have picked up the right tool that will confirm the fire in your belly and the call of God on your life.

If you go through the pages of this book, you will no longer see prophecy and prophetic ministry as the beginning and end of the prophetic call. You will cross a threshold and be thrust into the fullness of the call and responsibility of God's true prophet.


Chapter 01 – A Prophet is Born

An Encounter With Jesus
A Call to the Wilderness
In the Face of Rejection
Running Away From the Call
God Chooses the Weak and Foolish
Learning to Have Faith
A New Manifestation – Weeping for the Church
The Second Call
The Call to the Cross

Chapter 02 – My Prophetic Journey

Prayer Burdens
Gifts of the Spirit
The Prophetic Mandate
Death of a Vision
Your Prophetic Calling

Chapter 03 – Identifying the Prophet Part 1

Prophets are the Same Worldwide
10 Signs of the Prophetic Call

Chapter 04 – Identifying the Prophet Part 2

10 Signs of the Prophetic Call Continued
What Defines You as a Prophet

Chapter 05 – Birthing Your Call

Maturing in the Signs

Chapter 06 – Maturing in Your Call

1st Step – Walking in Love
2nd Step – Praying With Power
3rd Step - Identifying Deception

Chapter 07 – Prophetic Purpose #1

Purpose #1 – Bringing Maturity Using Three Yardsticks
The End Result

Chapter 08 – Prophetic Purpose #2

Knowledge of the Savior
Purpose #2 – A Knowledge of Jesus Christ
1. Paint a Picture Through Your Image
2. Teach them Face-to-Face With Jesus
Quick Interlude – Prophet vs. Evangelist
3. Bring the Gentle Breeze of Jesus
If You Fulfill Your Purpose, Change Will Come
Ask for a Revelation

Chapter 09 – Prophetic Purpose #3

Putting People in Place
Prophets are Analytical
Purpose #3 Giving a Place to Belong
Working With all of the Fivefold Ministries
Releasing Through Prophecy and Decree
1. Your Revelation Should Always be a Confirmation
2. The Revelation Will Not be What You Expect
3. Open Doors

Chapter 10 – Introduction to the Gifts

They are Called the Spiritual Gifts
Jesus Gives the Gifts
The Holy Spirit Manifests the Gifts
Understanding Your Human Spirit

Chapter 11 – The 9 Gifts of the Spirit

1st Group of Gifts – The Vocal Gifts
2nd Group of Gifts - The Revelation Gifts
3rd Group of Gifts – The Power Gifts

Chapter 12 – The 7 Body Ministries

The Body Ministries

Chapter 13 – The Manifestation of the Gifts

How Revelation Flows
Examples of How the Gifts Manifest
Sensing the Anointing

Chapter 14 – 5 Keys to Prophecy and Decree Part 1

Keys 1 and 2
When to Speak
Key 1. Speak When You Have Heard From God!
Key 2. The Right Place and Time

Chapter 15 – 5 Keys to Prophecy & Decree Part 2

Keys 3-5
Key 3. Don't Speak When You Feel a Thummim
Key 4. Don't Speak When You Have Prejudice
Key 5. Give Others a Chance

Chapter 16 – Prophetic Decree

What is Decree?
Prophecy vs. Decree
Words and Actions
Prophetic Decree Defined
Why it Exists
Faith is a Requirement

Chapter 17 – Guidelines to Decreeing

1. The Right Word in Season
2. Be Bold!
3. Make Sure You Direct Your Decree to the Right Person or Group
4. To Speak a Decree Requires Faith
5. You Need to Stand in Your Prophetic Authority
6. Don’t be Afraid to be Firm and Direct
The Realm of the Prophet
It’s Time to Transition

Chapter 18 – Your Prophetic Foundation

Pick a Clear Track and Then Run on It
A Summary of the Prophetic Foundation You Have Built Here
Where to Next?

Exerpt from Chapter 6: Prophetic Essentials

Chapter 06 – Maturing in Your Call

1st Step – Walking in Love

1 Corinthians 13:2 And though I have prophetic [insight], and understand all the hidden things, and all the known things; and though I have absolute faith, so that I could remove mountains, and do not have [agape] love, I am nothing. When you are in that relationship with the Lord Jesus, it is so much easier to be able to see others through His eyes and to have His love flow through you.

Before you think you are a nice person and you are just so wonderful to everybody – let me just make something clear - that is not the kind of love I am talking about. I am talking about the kind of love, where you feel His heart - His agape love for others.

It doesn’t mean that just because you don’t dislike somebody that you love them. I am talking about the kind of love where you would lay your life down for them. The kind of love where you think of them before you think of yourself.

If you are the kind of person that always loved and that could always just pour out to others even before you came to know the Lord, then I hate to break it to you but you do not have this love yet.

I am talking about agape love here. Maybe as you are reading this you are thinking, “Yeah, I know what you mean. I got this!” These words will come back to you when you start going through your training and you will start realizing that you really don’t have any love in yourself.

Every time you judge another believer, every time you have judged another pastor because he has failed, every time you have judged a leader or somebody that stood against you or rejected you, you walk outside of love.

Every time you condemn and tear down somebody else because they didn’t receive your revelation, you walk outside of love!

However, until you are at that place, you are not walking at the level of maturity required to get you to prophetic office!

In 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter, you will see the power of love. It says that prophecy, as well as all the gifts and revelations will go away without love! Without love you are just making a big fat noise, because love is the fullness.

Love Equals Maturity

Paul says in verse 11 that when he was a child he spoke like a child, he talked as a child but that when he grew up he put away childish things. What is he talking about there? He is saying, “When I came to this place of love that is maturity. That is adulthood. “

Love in itself is the fullness of maturity.

If you want to mature and flow more in the gifts of the Spirit, or if you want to rise up in a greater authority, this is your single, most powerful key to all of that.

This is the secret to rising up to prophetic office and into the fullness of authority – love!

The Prophet’s Secret Agenda

This is part and parcel of your mandate when you reach office. Do you know why?

It’s because the prophet is a matchmaker. He match-makes the groom with the bride. He hooks up the Church with her loving Savior. How will you bring the body of Christ to a place of knowing the Lord and hearing His voice? You will help her fall in love with Him. Now, how can you do that if you don’t know or understand the power of love for yourself?

If you don’t know the love of the Lord Jesus in your own life and if you don’t feel His love for you now, how will you impart this revelation to the body of Christ?

The Lord wants to bring you into this private walk with Him. He wants to take those prophetic signs and that ability in you and He wants to give you a revelation of His love.

Trust me when I say - it will turn your life around!

You will see things in ways that you have never seen them before. You won’t have to fear getting into deception or messing up. You won’t have to fear being out of His will anymore, because when you walk in love, you walk in perfection and in truth. This is where the power is!

2nd Step – Praying With Power

When you know Jesus intimately and feel His love, learning to pray follows so naturally after that. As you progress you will learn that prophets have a rather unique prayer life, but the exciting part is to realize that the Lord is standing by to teach you this skill Himself.

When you know His voice and heart then praying becomes so relaxed.

So often when teaching others to pray, I have seen how they start out under such pressure. As they get ready to pray they push and they strive. They come with their long prayer list and I get exhausted just watching them! They look so intense. However, when you know the Lord Jesus and you know how to pray, you just walk into the Throne Room and see results!

I remember we had a conference once and there was a whole group of people who had gotten together ahead of time to pray before the meeting. They prayed and prayed for a full hour.

When I walked in I still felt that heaviness that only someone who has been there realizes they will have to push through for the first 15 minutes of their sermon. It was clear that they hadn’t gotten a breakthrough. I thought, “What have they been doing for the last hour? Great we have to get up and preach and there is still such heaviness in the air!”

So I stopped and prayed with them. I got in there and within five minutes I dealt with whatever warfare there was. We got a breakthrough and I was all set to stand up and preach.

What was the difference? Did I have more faith or love...? Maybe... However, I think I just knew how to pray. I knew my authority and how to deal with these things.

You see - prayer is a rest. When I know who I am in the Lord and know the Lord Jesus personally, I know when, how and what to pray.

If you have been lacking in this area you will notice a definite maturity.

You will also learn how to prophesy. I know I have been slamming the use of the gifts of the Spirit, but I am just trying to bring balance to all these people that overemphasize them. The gifts are wonderful. I love the revelation gifts and you will really learn how to prophesy.

You will learn to prophesy and decree. You will learn how to stand up and bring change and conviction, to shake people up and to raise them up. You will make them weep in the presence of the Lord. You will help them feel and experience Jesus.

As you rise up, you will not be the kind of “prophet” that goes around saying, “Ah the Lord is going to do this and that and that...” No, you will rise up to give the kind of prophetic words that make people touch and experience God.


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Date Added : 2016-12-05

Title : This is tremendous and truly a blessing

Name : Regina

Location : Decatur/USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

What I have read has blessed me tremendously

Date Added : 2014-08-04

Title : \"Clarity and Better Understanding of the Prophectic Calling

Name : Tammey

Location : Deltona (USA)

Rating : 5

Review Text :

For years I have known of my Prophectic calling. And for years I prayed for The Lord to send someone to help me understand, how to walk and operate in my calling. I have been in my Prophectic training with AMI for quite some time now and found this book to be a much added blessing to my current studies. I recommend this book to everyone that is studying their Prophectic call or are simply seeking to better understand who they are as a Prophet of The Lord. Thank you Apostle Collette and the entire AMI team for your obedience unto The Lord in answering His call, in order to help us answer ours. May you each continue to be blessed in your ministries and as a team, Tammey

Date Added : 2014-07-31

Title : Powerful, Edifying, Refreshing

Name : Wendy

Location : Charlotte, NC

Rating : 5

Review Text :

As always Colette\'s honesty and focus on Christ and His love is so refreshing! This book will help you realize that you are not alone in the strange way that the Lord seems to be leading you on your prophetic journey while also keeping you from becoming too diverted on tangents and sidelines. This book will help you stay grounded at the center place of Jesus Christ and His ways for you and through you to His people. This is a book that I\'m sure I will read again and again!

Date Added : 2014-07-30

Title : Refreshing

Name : Cheryl Baxter

Location : US

Rating : 5

Review Text :

The book stirs me very deeply.This author always takes you to the deepest places in your heart. There is passion behind every word and the book will most definitely take you on the journey of becoming a true vessel of honor in His hands.

Date Added : 2012-01-27

Title : GREAT

Name : James Butts

Location : Live Oak Florida

Rating : 5

Review Text :

The Lord called me to be a Prophet in a dream of the night and
I felt loss and a lone, but after reading this great book half way the Lord gave me to more dreams on two different nights. This is the first dreams from him since about 2 years ago and I know that it came from the reading from this book.
I know that that I'm not alone in my calling and there is a place where I can learn and grow. Thank You so much!
P.S. I can't wait to read and learn more! God Bless!

Date Added : 2011-05-21

Title : Back On Course Again !!

Name : ELLA


Rating : 5

Review Text :

This book literally put me back on course again ! I was feeling
previously that I was waning in my Prophetic calling, but after
reading this book, I honestly was instantly set back on course.
Not only that ,but this time I had a better understanding and
had more Anointing. Even before I finished reading the first
chapter something new had begun to happen in me, and I was feel-
ing something new rise up in me that I did not feel before. I
knew the Lord was laying a new foundation for me ! Each chapter
I received more and more Wisdom,Knowledge,and Understanding.
I really loved chapter 7 The Prophetic Purpose Section-1. This
was about Faith,Hope,and Love. This is the prime goal to bringing
the body of christ to Maturity. I want to always keep this in the
front of my mind,and my Ministry. This truly was an awesome book
and I indeed felt an elevation to another level. Great Anointing
on this book and I received from this Anointing by applying the
Principles to my own life. Job well done !! Thanks, and to God
be all the Glory and Praise !!!

Date Added : 2006-04-17

Title : Now, I Understand

Name : Argenia Stewart

Location : USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I cannot explain how much better I feel now that I understand what has been happening to me. I so appreciate how you illuminated the "do-s" and "dont's" without making a list of them. You simply wrote from experience and directed the reader along the correct path. I would keep trying to explain how blessed I was by reading this book, but as I said in the beginning, "I cannot explain...".

Thank you for enduring your training so that the rest of us could have direction.

Date Added : 2004-05-14

Title : The Prophetic Foundation

Name : Toni Johnson

Location : Mississippi USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I am so blessed of the L-rd. I have just finished reading the book and I don't quite have the words to express my gratitude. This book answered so many of my questions, enlightened me, challenged me and taught me. Praise the L-rd. One thing I do want to THANK YOU!

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