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The Prophetic Field Guide Series (Books)
By Colette Toach
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Type: Book Series - 2024 pages
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The Prophetic Field Guide Series

Welcome to your prophetic call.

If you are reading this, you are about to embark on an incredible journey, or you are ready to take the next step towards maturity. Yes, I am talking to you, outsider, loner, boat-rocker, people-repeller, people-changer and fire bringer!

It is time for you to embrace the call on your life, and this field guide is here to do just that. It is time you receive the training and the mentoring you need to become the prophet God has called you to be, and to mature into the leader God is calling you to be.

You think it is all about the gifts and being able to prophesy? No, it is all about the fire that God Himself has put inside you. He has a special plan for you to follow, and it is time you find out just what that plan is.

Take hold of the Prophetic Field Guide Series by Colette Toach - an apostle, mother and prophet. Colette will break down her life story just for you, and you might just find you are not as alone as you thought you were.

Prophet, take up the call and become a mighty warrior that will shake the very foundations of this world.

The Books in the Prophetic Field Guide Series

Customer Reviews of this Product

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Date Added : 2014-04-25

Title : wonderful

Name : Judy Ginorio

Location : Tampa Fla

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I was amazed by the information that I received from this took me back by surprise.Thank you Judy

Date Added : 2011-06-20

Title : Everything is true....

Name : Sonya

Location : Columbia, Maryland

Rating : 5

Review Text :

Hello, I received my calling in March, 2009 and you're right when you say everything is turning upside down. My life is so foreign to me now. Everything I once held dear and counted on is gone. I'm alone but by God's grace, I have a calmness and peace. I don't even recognize my life now. In Oct, 2010 I lost my job of ten years, my daughter's graduated and gone, my twin sister is distant and cold towards me. The financial security I once counted through my job is gone. I have no idea how I am going to face my financial responsibilities for June. Everthing I have tried has failed. The rejection and loneliness has allowed me to only rely on God. You are the only friends I have and I thank God that I can get clarification from you. I have had so much trouble in my life but through the books I have read from you, I makes sense now. That helps so much. Without the words of encouragement and prophetic insight, I am afraid to think what I would be doing now.
I have read both of your books, The Practical Phophetic Ministry by Collette Toach and Les Crause's, The Way of the Prophet. It's amazing out everything you say is true about prophets. What is says a prophet is, I am. Thank you so much for you ministry and may God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry.

Date Added : 2011-04-07

Title : Deep! Well Worth The Read!

Name : Dorett Cope

Location : Kissimmee Florida

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I appreciate these books. They actually meet you at every level in your journey and show you how to move beyond each point. They answered many questions for me and shed light on my path. I am happy that I found them.

They are well worth the read. Thank you for pouring out your heart and being so bold and transparent in these books. Next to my bible, they are like my 'go to' books at this time. I will continue to read and learn from them. God bless!

Date Added : 2011-03-25


Name : Janice

Location : Washington, DC

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for this powerful series and I thank God that it is affordable as well. It teaches us about the entire life of a prophet. It teaches about warfare, praise, worship, intercession, prayer etc. Apostle Les Crause you are a powerful man of God! I love the way you teach and how the spirit of the Lord uses you. I love this ministry because I am learning so much. I wish that I lived in your area so that I can go to your local so that you could sponge up as much of your knowledge and experiences. I see all of the manifestations of God's spirit on you. God bless you and your family. Thank you for making this series available. It is a God send.


Date Added : 2010-10-29

Title : Easy to read, very informative

Name : Angela Robinson

Location : Columbus, Ohio /USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

In purchasing the full series of The Way of the Prophet , I went through each book with excitement which left my spirit ablazed. I read them so fast, that I now have to go back and draw study material. Being a instructor and teacher in the School of the Prophet's at my church, I have shared some of the teachings and insights that I have gleaned from my fast read of the series. The information and the down to earth (practical) teachings will stimulate the reader to acheive a greater intimancy with God, and a drive to pursue your purpose and destiny with excellence. I recommend The Way of the Prophet series to be read and studied by those who are passionate students, and desire to understand their Call to the Office of the Prophet.

Date Added : 2008-10-07

Title : This book is very comprehensive about how God Prepares All o

Name : George S.

Location : Irving, TX

Rating : 5

Review Text :

these books should be read in the proper numerical order. I don't think every person who discovers the prophetic call on their life should get the book immediately, because there are things I believe God would want them to know first so that when they read these books they will be able to absorb whats been written.

Date Added : 2004-12-21

Title : Worth Owning! ^_^

Name : Millie Pisano

Location : USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This 5 book series was DEFINITLY worth the investment! This volume series spoke confirmation after confirmation to my spirit. Just about every question I had stirring inside of me was answered in the teachings. I also came to realize how the Lord had started shaping me from birth, and how He uses rejection to shape a Messenger of God.
So if you feel that God has placed a prophetic call into your life, then I can tell you that this series is Black/White, straight to the point for those who desire to learn further about what a Prophet should be.

Date Added : 2003-10-24

Title : The Prophetic Course

Name : Bishop Henry H. Epps

Location : memphis, tn

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I am very impress with the Prophet Course I learn about myself, and the direction that God is leading me. I believe I will eventully end up in the office of the Apostle. I thank Gmrn for thier anointed training, may god increase your Ministry a hundred fold.

Date Added : 2003-09-15

Title : Practical & Powerful

Name : Cassandra Kaur

Location : Singapore

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I used this series several years ago and found understanding and direction regarding my calling and learnt how to practically outwork my giftings and ministry capabilities as a Prophet called to Office.

Its unlike any other material that i had ever encountered on the prophetic.These lectures bring life and are practical and insightful.As you read them, the Spirit
takes you through each lesson and allows you to practically outlive them daily;moulding your spirit, soul and body to become the vessel unto honour the Lord has destined for you to become.

It will give you insight into the prophetic mandate and mantle that you are called to and allow you to understand the function and authority that is vested in a Prophet of God.You will be challenged and left charged and you will never again be the same for you shall arise to become a mighty Prophet who will know how to wield your authority with confidence, in humility and in love.

Date Added : 2003-09-15

Title : Clarity

Name : Tess Quek

Location : Singapore

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This book help me understand very clear about my gift and calling. I used to have many questions and doubts about many things in my Christian life. Many things that I dont understand but Praise God through this book, I discovered who I really am and my destiny in Christ Jesus. Now I am aware of what God is doing in me and through me with the gift that He gave me and I am now more equipped how to apply and used it for the building of my faith and as well as the body of Christ. Thank God for your ministry for you had blessed me a lot through your wonderful teachings.

Date Added : 2003-06-30

Title : The Way of the Prophet

Name : Sulynn Hampton

Location : Ohio, USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

These books are down to earth yet spiritually minded. As the pages turn, your spirit will be stirred within. You will find yourself captivated and engulfed by the anointing. Whether you are an old sage or a young budding prophet, this series is for you. You will find yourself referring again and again to the wisdom and knowledge contained in the vessel of ink and paper.

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