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The Doorway to Life (Book) - The Life Series Part 2
By Les D. Crause
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Type: Paperback Book - 130 Pages
ISBN: n/a
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Date Added : 2010-08-14

Title : Finally! A Must Read Book.

Name : Manuel Angel Torres

Location : Cleveland,Ohio - USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I have read many books and this one is a keeper and one I would always recomend to my friends and family. Why? I went through the Couse it self and I tell you personally, it has definatly changed my foundation and it has brought Life into my Path. The truth that is revealed in this book, has set me free. If you have not purchased this book yet, what are you waiting for? Risk it! It is worth more than gold it self.
I also recomend for any one interested in reading this book to consider taking the Course, it will guide you every step of the way! You would actually start living it and charing it, there is no doubt about it!

I challenge you! The truth will set you free.

In His Love,
Manuel Torres.

Date Added : 2010-07-14

Title : Take the title by its word: Doorway To Life!

Name : Sonja Haenni

Location : Switzerland

Rating : 5

Review Text :

The first time I choosed that book was because it was the thinnest one and I saw a chance to get through it because I was not used to read a lot in english having swissgerman as my native language. But it was one of the best choices I made because like the title says it leads you into real LIFE! I was shocked when I realized how many lies I accepted in my life being a christian without even question it. This book will bring light into your life and will be an eyeopener. When I had finished the book I discovered a new life, a new kingdom and a loving and caring God.
What I also love in that book are the scriptures that Apostle Les D. Crauses gives. It is a whole adventure to dig into it and discover the truth for yourself. Take the challenge, throw those lies over board and live a new life!

Date Added : 2004-03-27

Title : Little do we know

Name : Suzanne Borsinger

Location : Wald, Switzerland

Rating : 5

Review Text :

First time I read The Doorway to life was in German. Then I heard it preached. The last opportunity I head was to read it in English.

This book is a true eye opener! It contains a lot of truth that is not preached in the church: what Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden, which Jesus restored and bought back for every believer. The blood covenants, the spiritual and physical descendants of Abraham. Actually it reveals salvation in a far greater dimension and helps the believer to understand, that salvation not only means to go to heaven, but includes far, far more!

Date Added : 2004-03-26

Title : The Doorway to Life

Name : Di Gabriele Jrene

Location : Wald, Switzerland

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I've read the Book "The Doorway to Life". I never read a Book like this where you find such a detailed describe of our salvation in Christ. An it is based on the word. It is so exciting to see and know what we have and be in our Lord Jesus Christ. Wonderful, amazing!. And either when you start looking at the word and have a own conviction about what you read in the Book you will be amazed.
This book is a "must" for every believer indeed you will have a new fresh looking about what salvation is and what inheritance we have in Jesus Christ.

Date Added : 2003-05-15

Title : Packed with Power!

Name : Jennifer Archer

Location : New Zealand

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I have been walking the christian walk for many years, and thought I knew all about salvation! Yet I never had the full picture of what salvation entailed. This book has new and fresh revelation on the blood covenant relationship that we are in with God and with each other!

After reading this book all works mentalities will be forever silenced in your life and you will know without a doubt that it is by faith alone that we walk with the Lord and enter into salvation.

You will also have a deeper revelation and understanding of the power of water baptism and exactly what it means to pass through those waters! You will be amazed to learn that Jesus came to fulfill two main missions! And he not only restored what was lost by adam and eve, but purchased even greater blessing and power.

Have you ever wondered why the Lord told Abraham his descendants would be as numerous as the stars AND as the dust on the earth? Have you ever wondered why when Mary met the ressurrected Jesus in the garden, he wouldn't allow her to touch him? Have you ever wondered how Adam maintained order in the garden of Eden? Why did Jesus ascend into Heaven after rising again? What was the real significance of the virgin birth? How can you have access to all the wealth and blessings that are in Christ Jesus?

If your curiosity is stirred, if you're feeling dry and on a plateau - buy this book! The revelation in it will be refreshing waters to your spirit. A greater joy and excitement will be stirred up within your heart at the awesomeness of what is available to us through salvation. You will sense a new authority rise up in your Spirit, and will walk in a greater power than ever before!

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