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The Pattern for the End Times Church (Book)
By Les. D. Crause
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Type: Paperback Book - 356 Pages
ISBN: n/a
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Price: $1000.00

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Date Added : 2013-01-17

Title : Waaw

Name : Raei-El

Location : Norway

Rating : 5

Review Text :

It is a blessing for the generation!!May God bless you more.

Date Added : 2011-04-22

Title : This is an awsome book and very powerful tool to have.

Name : cynthia

Location : upatoi/usa

Rating : 5

Review Text :

There is just no other teaching like it, I have been blessed by it and filled with so much knowledge.

Date Added : 2006-08-16

Title : provoking our conscience

Name : Loverage Nyandoro

Location : Zimbabwe

Rating : 5

Review Text :

form the except that i read, its like hello, wake up and smell the coffee, C an't you see that you have been sitting and doing nothing and not [progrssing the kingdom of God. thougth you were doing a good job coming to 'CHURCH' and having nice time, when you are delaying the process of establshing God's rule on earth.

its a must have book for every saint of the most High God TO UNDERSTAND THE PURPOSOSE OF TRUE CHURCH OF GOD and we began to re- strategise and form and implement policies to extend HiS Majest rule, power and domonion and glory on the earth

Date Added : 2006-05-18

Title : Waow!

Name : Jerry Eziomano

Location : NY

Rating : 3

Review Text :

Waow! May God's Holy Name be praised forever!! God is speaking through His Prophets and the fire is already burning. I have caught the fire I am trusting God that I will help spread it to Nigerai,next Africa and the outermost part of the earth like He expects us to do.
My heart clings to your divine mandate.
May the goode Lord continue to use you mightily to His glory.

Date Added : 2003-09-16

Title : Worth the Money? Yes!

Name : Michele Hayes

Location : USA

Rating : 4

Review Text :

This book takes the courage to say a few things that need to be said, like it's not all about the meeting. If we are not impacting the community around us for Christ, we might as well spend Sunday mornings in Wal-Mart! Well done!

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