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Apostolic Foundation (E-Book)
By Les D. Crause
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This E-book is Volume 1 from the series: The Way of the Apostle.

All Your Questions About The Apostolic Calling Answered

As God raises up His apostles to set the pattern straight for the church, perhaps you are struggling to find your place in this historic move of God. You know you are called, or perhaps suspect that you are called, but need to know where to go from here. Even the fact that you are reading this right now is a confirmation that the Lord has been leading you to this exact point in your life. Through both the anointing and the principles in this E-BOOK you will either confirm or negate your calling.

If your calling is confirmed then:

  • You will be given the direction to your training.

  • You will discover what you are supposed to be doing

  • You will be able to know what phase of preparation you are in.

  • You will learn how to put together your team.

  • You will discover the price of having a apostolic calling.

  • You will get a clear track to run on.

  • You will see what an apostle is, what an apostle does to become such an apostle.

But this is only if your calling is confirmed. Not everyone with a desire to do the work of God is called to be an apostle. Jesus Christ Himself calls those He ordains to walk in this calling and it comes with a great responsibility. If you feel that stirring within that motivates you to take the next step in your call...then this E-BOOK is that step.


- CHAPTER 1: Signs of Apostolic Calling

  • What an Apostle is NOT

  • What an Apostle IS

  • Signs of Apostolic Calling

  • Patterns and Signs in Apostolic Calling

- CHAPTER 2: The Apostolic Purpose

  • The Seven Church Types

  • The Apostolic Role

  • The Function of the Apostle

  • Area of operation

  • Church care.

- CHAPTER 3: The Price of Apostleship

  • What Apostleship will cost you

  • Natural Aspirations

  • Career

  • Family Heritage

  • Natural Heritage

  • Leaving the Comfort Zone

- CHAPTER 4: Apostolic Preparation

  • The Jack of All Trades

  • Diverse Training

  • Ministry Preparation

  • Evangelistic preparation

  • Pastor-Teacher preparation

  • Prophetic and apostolic preparation

  • Dealing with Temperaments

  • Changing temperaments

  • Race and Culture Preparation

- CHAPTER 5: Apostolic Fatherhood

  • Mentors and guardians

  • Apostolic fatherhood

  • Differences between a mentor and father

  • Spiritual impartation

  • Fathers and sons

  • Gender and age issues.

- CHAPTER 6: Apostolic Teams

  • The Importance of teams

  • Temperamental mixes

  • Family teams

  • Early Apostolic teams

  • Choosing your team

  • Separation of the mentor and disciple

  • Training your team

  • The Chisel

  • Teamwork

- CHAPTER 7: The Apostolic Types

  • The Old Testament Types

  • Jesus the Model

  • The Four Types

  • The Moses Category

  • The David Category

  • The Joshua Category

  • The Solomon category

EXCERPT from Chapter 4

The Apostolic Preparation

For though I am free from all [men], yet I have made myself a servant to all, that I might gain more. And to the Jews I became like a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to those that are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain those that are under the law;

To those that are without law, as without law, (being not without law to  God, but under the law to Christ,) that I might gain those that are without law. 

To the weak I became as a weak one, that I might gain the weak: I have been made all things to all [men], that I might by all means save some. 1 Corinthians 9:19-22

Diverse Training

In this chapter, we are going to be looking at the apostolic preparation. For those of you who have been through the Prophet School the word 'preparation' probably strikes fear into your heart. You remember only too well what happened when you went through the lecture on the Prophetic Preparation, and those famous words "Die Already" became imprinted into you.

You have heard me say that the apostolic preparation is far more severe, and that the prophetic preparation was a walk in the park by comparison. So now we come to this famous apostolic preparation and your knees are probably shaking here as to what is going to come. You are probably saying, "I'm not sure whether I should read this. When I went through the prophetic I went through death immediately. What's going to happen when I tackle this one? I'm going to get vaporized!" Well, I have good news for you here. This is not a 'Die Already' message. The apostolic preparation is very different to the prophetic. The reason it is so intense is that firstly it includes the prophetic preparation, and what you learned in the prophetic preparation the apostle must go through as well. But the apostle goes through far more than that. It is the other part that I will be dealing with here.

The apostolic preparation needs to be strenuous because God is raising up the apostle to be the leader in the Body of Christ. The Apostolic Office is the highest leadership office, and the apostle needs to coordinate all other ministries together. In order to do this the apostle has to go through a training mechanism that enables him or her to function and to understand and interact with and coordinate all of the fivefold ministries. Now it does not necessarily mean that the apostle has to have all five ministries. It does mean though, that the apostle should have had sufficient exposure and experience concerning each of the ministries to be able to, at times, function in every one of them and to work with them, and to understand exactly how they work. So part of the apostolic preparation is to make the apostle aware of how each ministry works.

The apostle also needs to be able to relate to all different kinds of people. The apostle is never phased by temperamental differences. He should be able to relate to and to function in any of the four major temperaments. I am not going to discuss temperaments in detail here, because we have a study for that elsewhere. But I will mention them as we go through it . The apostle is not to be phased in any way by a person's social status and position. The apostle must be able to work with and function in the midst of people of all different social standings, backgrounds and experiences - every different kind of person. The apostle must be able to relate to every different kind of group and understand and work with them. Therefore the apostolic preparation is involved in bringing a person to exposure and experience in all of these realms. It is so as  o bring this budding leader in the Body of Christ to a place where he or she can relate and function in every single area of the Body of Christ.

Understands All Ministries

I have shared elsewhere that the apostle is like an entrepreneur. He is like the owner of the company. He is like the highest authority in a business, but he is such a one as an employee who started on the bottom rung on the lowest level in the company and has worked their way through, up the ranks, and now has reached the top. Now, looking down from the top this managing director, this leader and owner of the company can look down through the company and can identify with every single person and every single employee. He can not only identify to the point of knowing what the person does and knowing how the person should function, but he should still be able to step into that person's shoes and do the job himself, if he needs to, because he has been there. That is how the apostle must be in the Body of Christ. The apostle must  be able to step into the shoes of any single person in the Body of Christ, to be able to understand and fully identify exactly what that person is doing, what they are supposed to be doing, how they should function, how they should not function. Because if you cannot do this, then how can you coordinate them together? How can you bring the Body together and build the building of God, if you do not understand how each one works?

Let's go on and look at how God prepares his apostles. As I share here on the principles I am going to be transparent with you again as I was when I shared on the Prophetic Ministry. I am going to throw the curtain back a bit for you and I am going to speak about my own experiences in this. I am going to try and identify with you and give you an opportunity to identify with me in some of the experiences that I went through. It does not mean that I am setting myself up as a standard. I would just like to share with you how God took these principles and applied them in my life. And perhaps somewhere along the line you will be able to identify with me. Perhaps somewhere along as I am sharing you will be nodding your head and saying, "Oh yes, I remember that . Oh, so that's what's been happening! Now I know why."

You will be able to identify and understand what God is doing in your life as you see how He prepares His apostles. Perhaps He is working differently in your life, but the principles will remain the same. What He is going to do in you will be the exact same sort of things that he wrought in me, and on any other person that He is training and raising up to a position in the Body of Christ.

Ministry Preparation

I would like to therefore begin first with preparation for ministry. This is the apostolic preparation which equips the apostle to be able to function in and identify with every single ministry in the Body of Christ. How does it happen?...


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Date Added : 2013-05-07

Title : Amazing

Name : Iris

Location : new jersey

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I am now in chapter 13 and I tell you this book was written as if I wrote down every thought! This book brought understanding to my life in the whys and whats and reasoning.

Date Added : 2012-01-21

Title : Awesome book written under the annointing of a called out on

Name : claudette young

Location : covington/USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I had received a snippet of this book and I would recommend it for anyone who is called to be an apostle. It is truly an inspirational book written from the heart of someone who loves God and is inspired by the Holy Spirit. It surly provides the leadership necessary for the calling and election of those who are choosen by God to lead his flock. Read on and let your fire burn!!!!!!

Date Added : 2010-09-28

Title : Wonderful!

Name : Michelle M Francis

Location : Chicago, Illinois

Rating : 5

Review Text :

Wow! What can I say, but Wow! I have found the Apostolic Foundation book to be very informative. It is answering all of my questions, one at a time, and in the correct order, I might add. I sooo, embraced my prophetic ministry. I love the quality time that I spend in prayer, worship and praise. However it was in January of this year, that I had a near death experience, The Lord visted me at the hospital, I was told to rest in Him, He was reminding me of Lazarus.It was an awesome experience. When I entered the hospital my entire system was shuting down, acute Kidney failure, white blood count extremely high, heart rate over the roof, yet I remained alert! No one could understand it. It was the indwelling of the Holy Spirit! While I rested in Jesus, I was healed. After I returned home, all I could do was think of the experience, I said "Lord, you took my place, His reply was, Michelle over 2000 years ago I had you in mind. Later as days passed, I heard Him call me sent one, tell them their is still power in My blood. Later I was instructed to teach on the Parables of Christ. So Pathfinder's/ The Way series was born. I kept thinking, I'm an Apostle, then NO, not me. So, I kept it to myself. Then one day, another Apostle, said "The Lord says He called you to Apostleship, Have you accepted? So, I thought what should I do, I googled Apostolic Preparation, and found AMI. Glory to God! As I began to read, I knew in my spirit, I am an apostle. I understand the call and the mandate and the pattern. I am blessed to be here, in the right place at the right time. I get more excited with each new chapter. Thank you for allowing me to express my feelings. God bless all of you.

Date Added : 2010-05-22

Title : This is the next book to read after the Word of God itself!

Name : Ricardo Butler

Location : Orlando, FL, USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I haven't even read the whole thing yet and I am being challenged as an apostle in training in many areas I was wondering about. And even if you are not called to the apostolic ministry it will help you identify if one is called to this office or if they are fake ones roaming around your church.

Date Added : 2010-02-06

Title : Review

Name : Lana Turner

Location : Akron, Ohio USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :


Date Added : 2005-04-28

Title : The Apostolic Foundation

Name : Connie Jo Sychowski

Location : Oregon, USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I originally picked this course because it was the first on the list at the college. I understood very little about apostles before starting this course and really didn't think I would be all that interested.

I was amazed with what I read and how much there was to actually LEARN about what an apostle truly was. I knew there were some people who called themselves apostles and to be honest some of those people were "women"!

Ok, I bet you are laughing, but I hadn't read or understood that it was possible for a woman to be an apostle. I really didn't get the connection that the spirit is neither male nor female. My "head" knew it but my heart had not accepted it.

This course will change your thinking; it will challenge what you "thought" you knew about apostles. It is an absolute must read for everyone who is called to one of the five-fold offices.

Whether you are called to be an apostle or not, this course will teach you why they are still needed today for the church universal!

Date Added : 2002-10-14

Title : Must for those coming up!

Name : Apostle Randy Muse

Location : Utah, USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

Apostle Les D. Crause hits the nail right on the head with so many points he made about the apostolic office and spiritual fathering. If any of you are called to ministry and want to understand more about the process of preparation for your office, then this is a definite MUST READ!!! This book gave me peace and confirmation in so many areas of my own ministry preparation that can seem very confusing at times because God's ways are higher than ours. I believe that Apostle Crause is even teaching in a dimension of the apostolic that I have not heard many other ministries or other apostles teach in. He truly has tapped into his apostolic resource of the divine wisdom of God.

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